Introducing Dotties: A type family designed to swirl together.

Designed by Kyle Letendre.

Now Serving exclusively at Lost Type.

Dotties Vanilla

Dotties Vanilla is a humanist sans serif with a twist. Mixing the charm of hand-painted signs with the utility of a digital typeface, Vanilla fuses personality with performance, making it ideal for use in headlines, text and logotypes. And in 10 weights plus matching Italics, Dotties Vanilla is a real treat to work with.

Dotties Chocolate

Dotties Chocolate is a humanist slab serif: a ganache with panache. Sharing Dotties’ craveably creamy base, Chocolate adds confident, friendly slabs for big flavor that’s just as tasty in headlines as it is in text. With 10 weights and matching Italics, Dotties Chocolate will boldly quench any craving.

Designed to Swirl Together

Dotties is designed for Chocolate & Vanilla to work together like an ice cream dream team. Vanilla’s upbeat & sharp sans serif design complements Chocolate’s friendly & confident slabs. Swirled together, the family’s 40 fonts can speak in many cohesive voices, mixing function with flavor.